Best Deepwoken talents guide - (2024)

In the roguelike Deepwoken, talent plays an essential role in progress. This game, available on Roblox, is as interesting for regular players as it is frustrating for those just discovering the genre. It is particularly rich (and therefore complex). To start with, the 11 animal breeds each have their own basic attributes: Strength, Fortitude, Agility, Intelligence, Willpower and Charisma. The talents depend on these attributes.

What are the Deepwoken talents?

When you fight enemies, you receive and accumulate points for your attributes. Talents correspond to these attributes. Find out how talents work by playing Deepwoken!

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Alley Cat, "faster, longer".

Nothing is more valuable than the ability to be faster or more resistant to enemies. Alley Cat is a category of agility talents that can come in handy.

  • "Scaredy Cat" (common talent) allows you to gain a speed bonus (+2 passive agility) when enemies engage you in combat. You need 5 agility points to obtain this. This is a common talent.

  • "Endurance Runner (common talent) allows you to keep running even in the worst of times (+2 passive agility). This talent allows you to counter the speed handicap linked to a health of less than 30 HP. To do this, you need 25 agility points and 25 Strength points.

  • "Conditioned Runner (advanced talent) allows you to regenerate your health more quickly when sprinting with less than 75% of your maximum HP. Without taking any damage for 3 seconds, your health regenerates by 300% as you run. Healing is less expensive in PvP. To unlock it, you must have unlocked all the other Alley Cat talents.

Marauder, raw strength

Getting the upper hand on your enemies is a major advantage. With the Marauder quests, you'll have all the keys you need to become stronger and more resilient.

  • "Aggressive Posture' (common talent) allows you to slow down enemies when you strike them (+1 passive agility). To obtain it, you must have reached Power 13.

  • "Bloodletter (common talent) causes your enemies to bleed less when you hit them on the ground (+1 passive agility). You need to be at least Power 13 to get this... Or have the Bloodfeather Cowl equipment.

  • "Thresher Claws (rare talent) gives all your attacks an extra 10% penetration. It can only be obtained from Power 13 upwards.

  • "Thresher Scales (common talent) is obtained by completing quests. It allows you to regenerate your armour over a campfire, saving you trips to the blacksmith and giving you +5 health. To get it, you need to be at least Power 10.

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Weapon Master, the ultimate weapon for victory

In fighting games, particularly roguelikes like Deepwoken, weapons make it easier to win.

  • "Brutal Momentum' (common talent) gives you access to hyper armour in the event of a successful dodge (+2 passive agility).

  • "Finishing Touch (common talent, dagger) lets you instantly execute enemies with a critical strike from a dagger throw. Requires: 50 agility points, 40 light weapon points, equipped dagger.

  • "One Handed Training (common talent and Heavy Weapons) allows you to wield heavy weapons one-handed. This allows you to have a second weapon in your hand at the same time. Requires 40 points of Heavy Weapons Mastery.

  • "Showstopper (rare talent). When an enemy is attacked on the ground, you strike the ground, stunning all surrounding enemies. This talent also removes the target's speed buffs. Requires: 40 Strength points.

  • "Successive Throw (common talent and dagger). When you successfully fight an enemy, a dagger will strike them after a successful attack. 35 Light Weapons points are required.

  • "Warrior's Swing" (common talent and heavy weapons) reduces the damage you receive when wearing your heavy super-armour. In order to obtain it, you must have 30 points of Heavy Weapons Mastery.

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How do I unlock talents in Deepwoken?

While some talents can be obtained directly at the start of the game, most are only accessible with certain prerequisites. Possessing a specific piece of equipment, for example Mercenary's Boots, will automatically give you the 'Scaredy Cat' talent. You can also unlock talents by completing quests such as 'Pathfinders Respite', which gives you Brutal Momentum. Equipment can be acquired through quests, shop purchases, etc.

Your 'Power' level will also unlock talents. For example, all the talents in the 'Marauder' section are unlocked once you reach Power 10 (for Thresher Scales, for example) or Power 13 for the others.

Finally, the most common way to obtain talents is to have enough points in the relevant sections: Heavy Weapons Mastery, Strength, Agility or Light Weapons. The more important the talent, the greater the number of points expected. These points are obtained by completing quests or visiting specific locations.

Among our tips, we have presented a selection of the Deepwoken talents on Roblox that we feel are the most effective. However, depending on your level and gameplay style, you may have other preferences among the hundreds of talents available. Don't hesitate to let us know!

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Best Deepwoken talents guide - (2024)
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