7 Best Deepwoken Talents in Roblox (2024)

Deepwoken is an RPG experience in Roblox you can get for 400 Robux. Here, you get to train yourself, get better weapons, and level up by defeating enemies. Even though it’s paid, the game remains one of the best Roblox experiences. As the game levels you up, it gives you talent cards. So, if you want that extra buff and boost to your character, knowing the best Talent build is important. Keep reading as I tell you the best Deepwoken Talents you should equip to survive in the game longer.

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Best Deepwoken Talents

There are plenty of Talents you can choose from in the game that comes in common, rare, and advanced rarities, along with different areas of expertise like oath, mantra, and mystery.

7 Best Deepwoken Talents in Roblox (5)

We have picked the most ideal Talents that will go with any weapon or stats you assign to your character in the game. So, here are the best Deepwoken Talents you should select for your character:

1. Kick Off

This Common Talent is very helpful in the early go for any Deepwoken player. Kick-off helps you get rid of fall damage from short falls. You can also get a greater height and speed boost from the wall jump, making it very useful.

  • Stat Bonus: +9 Carry Load, +2 Passive Agility
  • Prerequisite: 20 Agility

2. Spine Cutter

Although upgrading weapons can increase their damage, some talents can enhance it even further. Spine Cutter is a Rare Talent that helps you deal damage equivalent to 100% of your base damage. It is not affected by modifiers and initiates a second slash for free.

  • Stat Bonus: +6 Carry Load, +2 Passive Agility
  • Prerequisite: 20 Strength, 25 Agility

3. Brazen Blow

This Common Talent is for players who use the Greataxe. Once you attack an enemy slowed by your Greataxe, you will get temporary hyperarmor. The Talent does not grant additional stats and comes with a 20-second cooldown.

  • Prerequisite: Use a Greataxe, Impairing Blow, 30 Heavy Weapon

4. Conditioned Runner

If you play Deepwoken a lot, you know how important regeneration is in the game. One of the strongest Advanced Talent is the Conditioned Runner Talent. The talent regenerates health whenever you’re sprinting below 75 HP.

  • Stat Bonus: +1 Passive Agility
  • Prerequisite: All Alley Cat Talents

5. Exoskeleton

Exoskeleton is a popular rare talent in Deepwoken. It helps you have a layer of fortified Natural Armor that replenishes when you rest. When it is active, it will also resist 10% Physical Damage. Although PEN can affect natural armor, its effectiveness will be reduced by 75%.

  • Stat Bonus: +10 Health
  • Prerequisite: 40 Fortitude

6. Carnivore

If you are struggling to maintain your hunger bar, this Rare Talent will make it easier for you. Carnivore will make you sacrifice the ability to eat plants. However, that sacrifice is worth it as can now fulfill your hunger by eating monsters and people alike! Although it does not grant you player stats, this Generic Deepwoken talent is really helpful for exploration and adventures.

  • Prerequisite: 5 Strength, 5 Willpower

7. Warrior’s Respite

Despite getting a nerf recently, The Warrior’s Respite is still rare in Deepwoken. This handy talent will help you heal faster when you stand still for 15 seconds. However, blocking, moving, attacking, or dodging cancels the effect. The effect also is not triggered when on a boat. However, that doesn’t take effect when you’re in water.

  • Prerequisite: 15 Fortitude

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How to Unlock Deepwoken Talents?

Building a strong arsenal of Talent cards in Deepwoken is key to optimizing your character’s abilities. But how do you get these talents? You’ll begin with a basic set of Talent cards to familiarize yourself with the system.

However, as you delve deeper into the world, you’ll gain access to a wider pool. This progression is tied to several factors. Factors like Reaching specific character levels unlock certain Talents. Advancing through the main story can also grant you some valuable ones. Completing specific challenges or quests offered by NPCs can also reward you with unique Talents.

Remember, each Talent has its acquisition criteria similar to RPGs like Dragon’s Dogma 2 (review). These might involve reaching a particular level, defeating a challenging enemy, or even completing a seemingly mundane task. By exploring the world and tackling its challenges, you’ll steadily expand your deck and unlock the potential for powerful character builds.

These are the best Deepwoken talents you should unlock right now. Have a better talent in mind? Tell us in the comments below.

7 Best Deepwoken Talents in Roblox (6)

7 Best Deepwoken Talents in Roblox (7)

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7 Best Deepwoken Talents in Roblox (2024)
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