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Hi, just joined to share what I know about this drone Promark GPS Shadow Drone - Page 6 (1)

I have had this drone since Christmas.... it was also produced under the name "Skymark Pursuit Drone" and says "Promark P70-GPS" on the back of the box.... from everything I have seen online, it is the same as the Shadow in every way except it comes with red blades and has different colored lights underneath.

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Spare parts are readily available on Amazon. Blades, motors, legs... and most important, batteries. For 70 shipped I got two spares from Amazon, and they came with two micro USB cables. Having used the extra batteries, I can tell you they work fine for me and have the same flight time as the original (10 or so mins).

I went to Harbor Freight and bought a case on sale for $26, and modified it to hold everything. I added an additional full piece of foam to hold it snug against the lid. Lid has an accessory holder that is perfect for holding the detached legs, eight blades, the screwdriver Promark included, and the little ziplock back with extra screws and motor caps. I detach the blades and the eyeball camera, which is pretty easy.

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It can fly without a cellphone, but you need the cellphone app to turn off beginner mode (which is set on by default). I recommend flying around a bit in beginner FIRST. Get a feel for it. I crashed it a couple times because stupid noob, but the beginner mode helped me get a feel for it. Beginner mode can be turned off in the app, there is a menu icon in the upper right corner. Find the option in there.

Speaking of the app, it seems to work fine on Android. Some of you seem to have trouble sorting out how to get it connected. You need to go to your phone's wifi configuration and search for a network called "Promark (with a serial number)"... of course you will need the drone turned on first! Once you connect, you should see FPV from the drone's "eyeball" camera.

Some of you also mentioned the app says your remote is low. That is what happens *until* you connect the remote to the drone. To do that, I just rotate the joysticks away from each other (left counter clockwise, right clockwise) until it beeps and the app shows the remote at green battery status.

There are TWO things that keep this drone stable and stationary in the air. One thing is the GYRO, the other is the GPS. You can check (recalibrate) the GYRO by (simultaneously) pointing LEFT to 11 o'clock and RIGHT to 2 o'clock. App will say the gyro checks out and that means it's fine.

To calibrate GPS, move sticks (simultaneously) pointing LEFT to 2 o'clock and RIGHT to 11 o'clock. All four lights on drone will blink. App will tell you to hold it out in front of you and rotate. They mean with the drone facing up normally, hold it out in front of you and spin around 360 degrees (or a little extra), until BACK lights turn solid. Then hold drone in front of you with drone pointing DOWN (I hold it by the bottom of one of the legs) and repeat the same 360 degrees (or so) until FRONT lights turn solid. Try to make your rotations not too fast or the GPS has trouble calibrating. After this, the app tells you to place it on a level surface. Then it tells you you're good to go and ready to fly!

This thing flies SMOOOTH! I have gotten to the point where strafing arcs left or right are easy. It stabilizes really well, even in moderate winds. At the maximum flight height, you can sometimes lose connection with the wifi. If you're recording video at the time, that causes an interruption. This is because by default, the video records *directly* to the cellphone via the app, and puts it in your photo gallery in a folder named "Promark". I know there is an SD slot but I am unsure how to tell it to record video directly to that.

In most cases, the remote will control it much farther away than the wifi cellphone signal connection can go. Video gets interrupted but does resume. I am going to try modifying the antennas like one person here did. I am pretty sure the antenna on the eyeball cam is actually the wifi signal ONLY, because you can fly this drone with the camera detached.

There is a guy named Mike who has a YouTube channel, and he has modified the "Shadow" labeled version of this drone (as well as the previous white P70). He showcases tri-blades, shows you how to replace the motors, and even reviews some accessories like GoPro camera mounts.

Custom camera mounts:

Shadow Drone GoPro Mounts! (9 min 50 sec)

Another guy has info on better grommets for the stablized mount:

Promark Drone guide and must have modifications. (11 min 30 sec)

(skip to 3:30)

Mike has experimented with modifying it and encountered the bowl flight issue... he thinks it has to do with the telemetry provided by the wifi antenna to the phone app (if I remember right).

Anyways I like this drone! No gimbal, not 1080p, but priced right, easy to fly, and looks nice... seems fairly durable, too (I've crashed it a handful of times lol).

Promark GPS Shadow Drone - Page 6 (2024)
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