Mets announce player development staff (2024)

FLUSHING, N.Y., February 8, 2024 – The New York Mets today announced their 2024 minor league coaching staffs, as well their player development and medical personnel for the upcoming season.

Dick Scott will begin his 11th season with the Mets and his second season as the manager for the Triple-A Syracuse Mets. Reid Brignac enters his fifth season with the organization and his third with Double-A Binghamton. Brignac guided the Rumble Ponies to the Eastern League Championship series in 2023, their first postseason berth since 2017. Gilbert Gomez will manage the High-A Brooklyn Cyclones after managing the Single-A St. Lucie Mets in 2023. Yucarybert De la Cruz begins his first season as manager for Single-A St. Lucie. De La Cruz served as the club’s bench coach last season and managed Dominican Summer League Mets #2 from 2018-2022. Danny Ortega manages the Florida Complex League Mets after serving as the manager for Dominican Summer League Mets Orange in 2023. Félix Fermín Jr. will manage Dominican Summer League Mets Orange in his first season with the Mets organization. Fermin Jr., the son of 10-year major league veteran Félix Fermín, previously served as an international scout for the Tampa Bay Rays from 2018-2023. He also has coaching and managing experience in Mexico and Dominican Republic. Gilberto Mejia will manage Dominican Summer League Mets Blue after serving as the club’s bench coach in 2023.

Below is a complete listing of the Mets minor league coaching staffs:

Player Development Staff

Andy Green - Senior Vice President, Player Development

Andrew Christie - Director, Player Development

Max Vogel Freedman - Manager, Player Development

Eric Jagers - Vice President, Pitching

Jono Armold - Pitching Coordinator

Kyle Rogers - Pitching & Performance Integration Coordinator

Jeff Albert - Director, Hitting Development

Kevin Mahala - Coordinator, Hitting Development

Eddy Rodriguez - Field Coordinator

Miguel Bonilla - Complex & DSL Pitching Coordinator

Bob Natal - Catching Coordinator

Shane Robinson - Outfield Coordinator

Peter Mooney - Roving Infield Instructor

Luis Rivera - Infield Coordinator

Jemile Weeks - Baserunning Coordinator

Jeremy Kivel - Minor League Rehab Pitching Coach

Minor League Performance

JT Podell - Director of Minor League Athletic Training and Rehabilitation

Anthony Olivieri - Minor League Medical Coordinator

Luke Novosel - Minor League Rehabilitation Coordinator

Katherine Hinojosa - Assistant, Minor League Performance Nutrition

Kory Wan - Strength & Conditioning Rehab Coach

Alexander Gough - Minor League Physical Therapist

Tyler Ward - Minor League Physical Therapist

Ronny Reyes - Director, Minor League Operations

Juan Henderson - Director, Latin American Operations

Neskys Liriano - Manager, Learning Management Systems

Tristan Carranza - Life Skills Specialist

John Mulin, -Manager, Minor League Equipment & Operations

Drew Dunton - Assistant Manager, Minor League Clubhouse & Equipment

Amy Ross - Coordinator, Minor League Administration

Ches Goodman - Coordinator Minor League Operations

Jacob Resnick - Assistant, Minor League Operations

Dominican Staff

Yezmin Chalas - Manager, DR Academy Operations

Diana Perez - Formal Education and Continuing Professional Development Lead

Joymi Melenciano - Life Skills & Teacher Lead

Carmen Ruiz - D.R. Academy Assistant

Kremlin Martinez - D.R. Academy Field Coordinator

Juan Martinez - D.R. Rehab Coach

Dakota Herman - DSL Pitching Coach

Jhomelger García - Medical & Rehabilitation Coordinator, Latin America

Santiago Jimenez - DSL Lead Physical Therapist

Manuel Genao - DSL Physical Therapist

Joel Arias - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Triple-A Syracuse Mets

Dick Scott - Manager

Grayson Crawford - Pitching Coach

Collin Hetzler - Hitting Coach

J.P. Arencibia - Bench Coach/Assistant Hitting Coach

Adrian Texidor - Development/Infield Coach

Austin Dayton - Head Athletic Trainer

Kylie Holton - Assistant Trainer

Alex Tavarez - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Double-A Binghamton Rumble Ponies

Reid Brignac - Manager

AJ Sager - Pitching Coach

Darin Everson - Hitting Coach

Mariano Duncan - Bench Coach

Juan Loyo - Development Coach

Vanessa Weisbach – Athletic Trainer

Ryan Orr - Strength & Conditioning Coach

High-A Brooklyn Cyclones

Gilbert Gomez - Manager

Dan McKinney - Pitching Coach

Eduardo Nunez - Hitting Coach

John Vaughn - Bench Coach

Regan Saulnier - Development Coach

Joe Parillo - Athletic Trainer

Drew Skrocki - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Single-A St. Lucie Mets

Yucarybert De La Cruz - Manager

Jordan Kraus - Pitching Coach

Victor Ramos - Low-A/Roving Pitching Coach

Alejandro Diaz - Hitting Coach

Jeremy Cologna - Bench Coach

Bree Nasti - Development Coach

Adam Devery - Athletic Trainer

Trent McMaster - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Florida Complex League Mets

Jay Pecci - Complex Supervisor/Infield Coach

Danny Ortega - Manager

Luis Alvarado - Pitching Coach

Garrett Baker - Pitching Coach

Richie Benes - Hitting Coach

Bryce Wheary - Hitting Coach

Mac Seibert - Bench Coach

Micah Evans - Development/Baserunning Coach

Chris Jacobs - Outfield Coach

Hector Alvarez - Catching Coach

Christina Gambino - Athletic Trainer

Tavian Craft, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Eduardo Rivera - Rehab Position Player Coach

Dominican Summer League Mets Orange

Félix Fermín Jr. - Manager

Cristhian Martinez - Pitching Coach

Leo Hernandez - Hitting Coach

Gretchen Aucoin - Bench Coach

Adrian Abreu - Catching Instructor

Caitlin Lucas - DSL Athletic Training Coordinator/Athletic Trainer

Guillermo Colina - Lead DR Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dominican Summer League Mets Blue

Gilberto Mejia - Manager

Wander Cabrera - Pitching Coach

Luis Mateo - Hitting Coach

Alejandro Montiel - Bench Coach

Julianna Mangano - Athletic Trainer

Antonio Sosa - Athletic Trainer Assistant

Ismael Campusano - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mets announce player development staff (2024)


Mets announce player development staff? ›

John Gibbons (bench coach), Antoan Richardson (first base coach), Jose Rosado (bullpen coach) and Mike Sarbaugh (third base coach) all will spend their first year with New York, joining Mendoza, the first-year skipper hired earlier this offseason.

Who is the new staff for the Mets? ›

John Gibbons (bench coach), Antoan Richardson (first base coach), Jose Rosado (bullpen coach) and Mike Sarbaugh (third base coach) all will spend their first year with New York, joining Mendoza, the first-year skipper hired earlier this offseason.

Who is the Mets manager? ›

Mendoza isn't new to the city, just the job he's been ready for. Carlos Mendoza, the new Mets manager, sat next to Aaron Boone for four years in the other baseball borough of New York City, a place where the Yankees -- once famous for changing managers -- hardly ever do it now.

Who are the female coaches for the Mets? ›

In the interview, Benn discussed her personal journey and spotlighted the efforts of several women in the Mets organization. The female coaches include Bree Nasti (development coach for St. Lucie Mets), Regan Saulnier (development coach for Brooklyn Cyclones), and Chloe Walker (player development associate).

Who is the director of the Mets minor league? ›

Ronny Reyes - Director, Minor League Operations - New York Mets | LinkedIn.

Who will manage Mets in 2024? ›

In the new manager's words, that amounts to, "a great opportunity not just for Carlos Mendoza but for the New York Mets." On more concrete matters, Mendoza during his Tuesday remarks confirmed that pitching coach Jeremy Hefner will return for 2024 in that same role.

Who have the Mets recently signed? ›

New York Mets signed free agent RHP Jake Stevenson to a minor league contract. New York Mets designated RHP Max Kranick for assignment. New York Mets claimed RHP Yohan Ramírez off waivers from Baltimore Orioles. New York Mets optioned LHP Danny Young to Syracuse Mets.

Who was the Mets manager that wore a disguise? ›

It helped, of course, that his team won that game in the 14th on a Rey Ordonez walk-off single. Following a two-game suspension and a $5,000 fine for his shenanigans, Valentine returned to the dugout as himself again and the Mets rewarded their manager. “We needed a little levity.

What is the salary of the New York Mets manager? ›

When finalized, the Mets will pay Carlos Mendoza approximately(1.5mil per year) 3 year deal 4.5 million total with a 4th-year club option. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Who is the Mets bench coach in 2024? ›

After five years away, the opportunity to become the New York Mets' bench coach lured John Gibbons back to the dugout. For Gibbons, 61, the job presents a full-circle moment.

Who was the female owner of the Mets? ›

Joan Whitney Payson is a pioneer within this small group, becoming principal owner of the expansion Mets by buying the franchise with her own money. Joan Whitney was born in New York in February 1903 to a family with an impressive lineage.

Who owns the NY Mets? ›

Billionaire investor and New York Mets owner Steve Cohen says he believes AI makes a four-day work week an eventuality.

Who is the head of player development for the Mets? ›

The Mets have announced their player development and minor league coaching staffs for the 2024 season, headlined by new Senior VP of Player Development Andy Green.

Who is the boss of the Mets? ›

The Mets owner is currently Steve Cohen.

Who is the director of pitching development for the Mets? ›

Cohen and Stearns have made some key hires toward that end, including former Houston Astros scouting director Kris Gross to oversee amateur scouting, former major league manager Andy Green as Senior VP of player development, and Eric Jagers as director of pitching development.

Who is the assistant trainer for the Mets? ›

Bryan Baca, ATC, CSCS - Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer - New York Mets | LinkedIn.

Who are the three Mets announcers? ›

Cohen, Hernandez and analyst Ron Darling have seen this story too many times recently. The Mets were arguably the biggest disappointment in MLB in 2023, finishing 75-87 despite the highest payroll in baseball. The team was supposed to be improved this season, but is now 21-30 after Saturday's loss.

Who is new Mets closer? ›

MIAMI -- The day after manager Carlos Mendoza insisted Edwin Díaz remains the Mets' closer, the skipper admitted that the reliever's role will, at least for now, be more “fluid.”

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