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As an employee of Lancaster General Health, you enjoy multiple benefits, in addition to your basic insurances and government mandated benefits. See below for summaries of some of these additional benefits:

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Heath offers tuition assistance programs to enhance the advancement of its employees and their professional careers. Tuition assistance is available for regular employees hired to work 20 hours or more a week (0.5 FTE). In order to qualify for tuition assistance, you must complete the following:

  • Six (6) months of service, working 20 hours or more per week.
  • Earn a grade of C or better for undergraduate courses.
  • Earn a grade of B or better for graduate level courses.
  • Continue to work 20 hours or more per week during the course and for a full year after the completion of the course.

Eligible employees can have up to 100% of tuition expenses paid (excluding taxes, books, fees, etc. and less any grants or scholarships) if they attend Saint Joseph University (SJU) Lancaster Location (formerly Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences (PA College)) for undergraduate and graduate-level programs.*

For questions about the tuition assistance program please email:

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Heath will reimburse up to $4,500 per calendar year for undergraduate courses and up to $4,800 per calendar year for graduate level courses taken at other accredited colleges or universities. Note: Degree programs that are offered at SJU Lancaster Location (formerly PA College) will not be eligible for reimbursem*nt from any other accredited college or university.

Employees attending institutions other than Saint Joseph University (SJU) Lancaster Location (formerly Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences (PA College)) are required to complete a Tuition Assistance pre-approval and application eform prior to the start of any course(s) for which they may be requesting reimbursem*nt. Upon completion of those courses, a final grade report and billing statement must be submitted within 60 (sixty) days of each course end date (not semester end date using the eform to be considered for tuition assistance.

For employees who are utilizing tuition assistance at SJU Lancaster Location (formerly PA College), please note that there is a tuition deferment option available to you. SJU Lancaster Location (formerly PA College) offers a tuition deferment that will allow you to postpone or defer payment of your tuition each semester until the conclusion of that semester. To complete the tuition deferment form, please log into the My PA College Portal, and then navigate to: Student Service Center > Billing > Tuition Assistance – LG Health/Penn Medicine Employees.

For questions about the tuition assistance program please email:

Quick Link:
Tuition Assistance Pre-Approval and Application eForm (Only accessible from a work computer)
Explore Academic Programs at SJU Lancaster Location (formerly PA College)
Tuition Out-of-Pocket Calculator

You can utilize the expertise of PeopleJoy at no cost. To get started, click here to complete a digital assessment that will potentially deliver recommendations to optimize your student loan repayments, identify monthly savings or loan forgiveness opportunities for which you may qualify. You will use the first six digits of your Employee ID, located on the back of your ID Badge, and need information about your family finances and student loans to complete the assessment. If you are having difficulty completing your loan assessment, contact

Penn Medicine employees who have made 10 years’ worth of qualifying, direct student loan payments (120 total payments) while working for the government or nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). This federal program may reduce or eliminate federal student loan debt for employees who work full-time in public service. Eligibility for the PSLF programs depends on several factors, and the process is often difficult to navigate.

PeopleJoy provides customized, actionable counseling for employees hoping to qualify for PSLF. The interactive PeopleJoy platform identifies the best repayment plans for student loans, and eligible employees will have the opportunity to work with student loan experts who can advocate on their behalf and ensure optimal repayment programs are in place.

We hope you take advantage of this benefit designed to support our employees’ financial wellness making Penn Medicine an even better place to work.

The Lancaster General Health Convenience Pharmacies offer easy access to over-the-counter items and prescription fills/refills, including over-the-phone and on-line prescription refill services, home and desk-side delivery services, (717)-544-5929 and

When using the Convenience Pharmacy, employees also have access to the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs: Employees pay the cost of the prescription or the insurance co-pay*, whichever is less. Reduced co-pays are available when employees utilize the Convenience Pharmacy. See the Summary of Benefits and Coverage charts for further information.
  • Employees can receive eligible maintenance medications (up to a 90-day supply) for less than three co-payments.
  • You receive a 15% discount on all over-the-counter products, and additional 10% discount on monthly sale items.
  • Ask for the selection of “Employee Only” discounted products available behind the counter. Click here to access a list of Employee Only products.
  • Have the Convenience Pharmacy deliver your refrigerated and/or non-refrigerated prescriptions to your work location, without a delivery fee. (Note: Narcotics or over-the-counter products are not eligible for delivery.) You must pay for your delivered prescriptions with a Benny Card, Health Equity Card or Credit Card online using the prescription refill service,, or over-the-phone, 717-544-5929. Call the Convenience Pharmacy at 717-544-5929 to Inquire about desk-side delivery services and locations.
  • Home delivery for employees with 90 day supply for both non-refrigerated and refrigerated items and 30 day specialty medications.
  • The Convenience Pharmacy can order most non-stocked items for you to pick-up on the next available business day.

*LG Consumer participants must first meet the deductible before co-pays go into effect.

Pharmacy Locations

LG Health Convenience Pharmacy: Lancaster General Hospital, First Floor
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Closed Sundays & Holidays

LG Health Convenience Pharmacy: Kissel Hill
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 7:30 pm, Closed Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays

LG Health Convenience Pharmacy Suburban Pavilion: Suburban Outpatient Pavilion, Third Floor
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Closed Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays

LG Health Convenience Pharmacy Columbia: Twin Rose Columbia location, 1st Floor
Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Closed Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays

Email the LG Health Convenience Pharmacy at

Reimbursem*nt for qualified surrogacy or adoption expenses related to the birth or placement of an eligible child with a lifetime maximum of $15,000.

Quick Links:

The Lancaster General Health Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) is designed to provide financial support for employees facing a wide range of temporary circ*mstances that place hardships on individuals and their families.

Eligible events for application include the following:

  • Unexpected severe illness or injury or catastrophic or unusual expenses caused by severe illness or injury
  • Destructions of an employee’s primary residence
  • Death of an immediate family member (defined as spouse or child)

Up to $2,000 may be awarded per application; with a maximum of $4,000 being awarded during employment tenure with Lancaster General Health. All identifying information will be removed from your Employee Assistance Fund application before it is presented to the Employee Assistance Fund Committee for approval/disapproval.

Click the links under Quick Links below for additional program information.

Quick Links:
Employee Assistance Fund FAQ
Employee Assistance Fund Application

Chesterbrook Academy at College Hill

Chesterbrook Academy private preschools build the solid academic foundation students need for future success. Classes are led by dedicated, caring teachers who value open communication with parents. Lancaster General Health employees can take advantage of a 10% discount on any full time or part time tuition when their child(ren) attend one of our participating locations in Lancaster, PA area. All locations are within 5 miles of LG hospital. To learn more about our school and to schedule a tour, call 877-959-4183 or Click here to learn more about our schools and select the best location for you. Corporate Partner discount may not be combined with other discount programs.

Lancaster General Health employees are offered special discounted rates and priority placement for their children to attend the Chesterbrook Academy at College Hill location. All other Chesterbrook Academy locations offer a 10% tuition discount.


417 W Frederick Street, Lancaster
132 N Pointe Blvd, Lancaster
2301 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster
808 Estelle Dr, Lancaster
2408 Anita Court, Leola

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U-GRO Learning Center (part of the Learning Care Group family)

U-GRO helps you provide the best possible start in life for your child. We take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities that balance safety and quality, with an atmosphere that inspires creativity. Our teachers have proudly helped 94.8% of U-GRO children meet or exceed Pennsylvania standards for kindergarten readiness.

LG Health employees are offered special discounted rates for their children to attend a U-GRO Learning Facility.

Contact 717-561-2201 with any questions or to schedule a center visit
Lancaster General Health & Learning Care Group Website
Click here for a listing of locations.
Click here for more information on LGHealth’s special discount rate and offerings at Learning Care Group.
Curriculum Flyer
SproutAbout Flyer
Summer Camp 2024


KinderCare offers LGH employees a 10% discount off childcare for children from six (6) weeks old to 12 years old.

Quick Links:
KinderCare Education and LGH Website
KinderCare Sumer Camp 2024

Finding the right care for your family can be tricky, especially when you work full time.
But you’re in luck; your company provides Membership as part of your Care@Work
benefits if your family has a child age 12 or under. So you can get the helping hand you
need—when and where you need it.

Prior to being able to access your free membership, you must add your dependent to your Workday profile. Please allow one (1) week after adding your dependent to access the free membership for When signing up for your free membership, use only the first six(6) digits of your ID number (located on the back of your badge).

Quick Links:
LGH Membership Flyer
New Parent Flyer
May Care Talks Flyer
May Webinar Flyer
June Care Talks Flyer
June Webinar Flyer

Employee activities include service award recognition, employee picnics and group travel opportunities. Employees receive savings and discounts on cellular phone service, internet shopping, bank and financial services, auto insurance, child care, dry cleaning, computers and software, pet services etc. Employees also enjoy discounted tickets for local amusem*nt parks, movie tickets, RRTA bus passes, entertainment, sporting events and more.

More details on activities, discounts and savings are available on StarNet: Click on the MyBenefits button on the home page and access the ‘Activities and Tickets’ and ‘Employee Discounts’ links.

Quick Links:
Employee Service Center

Employees who are currently enrolled in the LG Health employer paid Life Insurance through Minnesota Life / Securian are eligible to take advantage of Travel Assistance. Planning to travel 100 or more miles from home? Acess pre-trip planning and emergency services.

Access information by going to or by calling 1-855-516-4677.

Quick Links:
Travel Assistance

AblePay Health is a Pennsylvania-based company that helps you save money and pay medical bills at a rate that is affordable and manageable. AblePay helps health-care providers manage expense while negotiating discounts for service, then passes these savings on to the user. You are able to add anyone you are willing to be financially responsible for, even if they are not on your insurance. This can include but is not limited to your spouse, children, parents and even friends!

Available to all LG Health Employees at no-cost (regardless of your participation in an LG health plan), AblePay is a free membership program that provides participants with medical care discounts, flexible and convenient payment options, and the necessary support if you have questions regarding AblePay.

If you have any questions, contact AblePay by phone 484-292-4000 or email:

What is AblePay Health?
AblePay Website
Enroll Today!
Enrollment Instructions

Employees are eligible to take advantage of the Workplace Banking program offered by Fulton Bank. Workplace Banking provides employees access to a “No minimum balance checking account” and other special discounts.


Life in Lancaster City offers close-knit neighborhoods, beautiful architecture, and an easy commute to work. Stroll down a cobblestone street to market. Attend a world premiere of a new play. Take your children to an ice cream festival. Art galleries, sporting events, fine dining and family entertainment are all a part of Lancaster City’s landscape. The City offers a variety of housing types, which can accommodate a range of lifestyles and interests. A number of Lancaster General Health employees already live in our neighborhood. Lancaster General Health believes that encouraging a greater number of our employees to live in the neighborhood will have a positive impact on the number of owner-occupied homes, quality of property appearances and maintenance, and an improved sense of community relations.

Lancaster General Health has offered “Home in the City,” our neighborhood housing program since November 1, 2006. Home in the City consists of three programs: Mortgage Insurance, Settlement Assistance and Curb Appeal. The programs apply to residential properties in an established area as indicated on the attached map.

Through the program you have access to loan products designed especially for employees of Lancaster General Health. If you are a fulltime employee of Lancaster General Health, buying a home for your primary residence within the established area, or currently own and reside in a home in the established area, you may be eligible to participate in all, or some of the following Home in the City programs:

Settlement Assistance
Lancaster General Health offers a deferred payment loan of up to $10,000 for the down payment and closing costs. No interest payments are due for a Lancaster General Health loan and the loan will be forgiven at 20% per annum over five years.

Mortgage Insurance
Lancaster General Health provides private mortgage insurance coverage to save you money upon lender approval.

Curb Appeal
Lancaster General Health provides a deferral payment loan up to $2500 toward exterior improvements to the real estate. Lancaster General Health’s matching funds loan will be forgiven at 20% per annum over five years.

Applicable payroll taxes will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck. The tax impact to the employee will be reviewed with the employee as necessary.

This information is intended as a general overview only. The terms, conditions and procedures of the programs are subject to change at Lancaster General Health’s discretion. Employees are urged to seek the advice of knowledgeable legal counsel when contemplating a real estate purchase.

Any questions regarding the Program may be directed to the Program Administrator at (717) 544-5231

Wellthy is a leading caregiving support solution which provides personalized support to help you tackle the logistical and administrative tasks of caring for yourself as well as the ones you love, including aging parents, veteran’s benefits, special needs, mental health support and more.

Wellthy provides you with personalized care support that you and your loved ones can control from an online dashboard. You’ll answer a few quick questions about your unique care situation to get matched with the best-fit care team.

  • AGING: Finding the right in-home aide or organizing a move into a facility; setting up in-home modifications; navigating Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and veterans’ benefits; and more
  • SPECIAL NEEDS: Managing and sourcing aides and therapists; navigating state- and employer-sponsored benefits and coverage; assisting with school decisions and transitions of care; and more
  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Advocating on appeals, bills, and financial aid applications; exploring community-based resources and programs; and more
  • VETERANS’ BENEFITS: Navigating benefits and coverage offered through the VA and privately; finding the right emotional support programs; smoothing the transition from the military to private citizenship; and more
  • MENTAL HEALTH: Finding the right provider; exploring alternative therapy options; ongoing check-ins and support; and more
  • HEALTH CONDITIONS: Finding providers; scheduling appointments; contesting insurance bills; handling the transfer of medical records; tracking down referrals; sourcing support groups and therapists; and more
  • CHILDCARE: Finding the right in-home nanny or day care; evaluating local camps, clinics, day programs, and other activities; sourcing supplemental academic support; and more
  • TEEN SUPPORT: For parents or guardians of teenagers that need help in addressing the unique challenges teenagers face today. Teen Support by Wellthy will provide one-on-one, personalized support to families with academic and tutoring support; substance use support services; mental health services; life coaching resources; LGBTQ+ support services; and more
  • END OF LIFE SUPPORT: Planning for end of life; care support during end of life; managing a loss; pregnancy and postpartum loss; grief support and more
  • Create an Account > Click GET STARTED

    Quick Links:
    How Wellthy Helps Flyer
    Care Planning Flyer
    Care Support Flyer
    Community Flyer
    End of Life Support Flyer

    Upcoming Webinars:

    The PennCOBALT platform can help you find the right coping support for your mental and emotional well-being. This platform can offer you:

    • Individualized articles, videos, podcasts, and self-led trainings
    • Live one-on-one sessions with peers, coping first aid coaches, therapists, psychiatrists, and other professional assistance
    • Other well-being resources such as appointments with a registered dietitian or a certified strength and conditioning coach or the opportunity to participate in group sessions
    • And more… Visit to access these resources.

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