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Coimbra Family Medical Center and MedSpa provides excellent care for the entire family, focusing on your overall health, while advocating for preventative health. Dr. Coimbra has been serving the community of the RGV for the past 16 years as a family physician and has built a solo private practice accomplishing her vision to provide quality care for patients and their families when they need it. Her clinic also has a complete medical spa that offers the latest technology in facial harmonization and body contouring.

Coimbra Family Medical Center & MedSpa - McAllen, TX 78503 - Services and Reviews (2)



Thursday8 AM–10 PM
Friday8 AM–5 PM
Saturday8 AM–12 PM
Monday8 AM–10 PM
Tuesday8 AM–10 PM
Wednesday8 AM–10 PM

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Address: 2108 S “M” St #3, McAllen, TX 78503

Phone: (956) 992-0660


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McAllen, TX – Coimbra Family Medical Center and MedSpa focuses on your overall health, while advocating for preventative health.

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As a premier Family Medical Center and MedSpa in McAllen, TX, we cater to the wellness and beauty concerns of people of all ages and skin types.


Claudia leal

This medical team and their staff have a big problem with communication and organization. It is difficult to get reception to answer calls and they are very rude once you get a hold of them. Dr. Coimbra is not a personable doctor, she is not an attentive or active listener, it feels like her mind is more set on the Medspa business rather than her patients. It makes patients feel like their medical issues are not being taken seriously. I would not recommend their services, a very disheartening experience with them.

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Pablo Arredondo

I used to take my sons to her when she was at Valley Night Clinic. She was the best doctor I had ever had for my kids and I. She would make sure we were back on our feet by the next day. She would let us know what she was going to do and treat us with. And it was the best. This doctor has been the best we ever had. It was just sad when she left Valley night Clinic. I’m glad she started her own business and we finally found her again. And we will be back with her to take care of my family. Thank you for everything you did when we were under your care. Thank you.

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Deidra Zehr

I went in with a couple concerns. I was scheduled with one of their nurse practitioners who ran through my list of concerns, very quickly examined me and pushed me off on dermatology. After my appointment she ordered blood work on me and they mailed my lab results to me with no explanation. I never was scheduled to go over my labs or had the LPN go over them via phone. How am I supposed to interpret my own labs? Epic waste of money. They want to charge you and shove you out the door. I was sent to Dr. Keith Picou for dermatology who was awful by the way, rude and barely examined me. He has a roughly 2.5 star average review rating on Google. Really nice that they sent me there. They should stop referring patients there immediately.

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Aurora Cantu

Dr. Coimbra is an AWESOME doctor. The 5 stars are for her. It’s her nurse Miriam that lies and is very rude. I truly believe Miriam is in the wrong profession. I used to be a patient of Dr. Coimbra for a long time. I thought I was set there, but I was wrong.

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John Glen

Changing doctors. They NO respect for your time. 3 visits in past 2 months and shortest wait was 2.5 hours after appointment time.

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Teresa Marin

Be careful with Coimbra medical Spa they will really destroy you life disfiguring you. She preformed a blepharoplasty on June 28 2022 she apply Botox on me a week before Camila in the eye area. Before they preform the procedure I told her not to do it and Camila and her say they know what they were doing.she want to practice another surgery to fix the hanging skin that it will result as worse because she cut to much skin that leave the eye open and the other difficult to open for real be careful she will really ruined your life.cuidado con ese clínica de belleza me dejaron un ojo abierto y otro cerrado con tremendas marcas y cortes totalmente disfigurada.

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Marisol Morris

Absolutely love this doctors office! Camila Is top notch nurse with lots of knowledge in her field. She’s a great listener, knows what to do to get you the results you need and does it with a beautiful smile. Yes, I recommend this doctor and her amazing team if you want top quality health service.

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Tori Romero

Dr Coimbra has been my doctor for years. I followed her from family physicians clinic. Her staff until recently has been fantastic. Her new staff is rude and not attentive. I waited 5.5 hours for my last appointment. I arrived an hour early today and I’m still waiting. I absolutely love Dr Coimbra. She cares about her patients. I just wish she would have better receptionists. Her new nurses are also adequate compared to her old nurses. If she wasn’t such a good doctor, I would leave!!!

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Amaris Garcia

This Dr’s office is great! The waiting area and rooms are always very clean. They have invested into the furniture and decorations around the office to make the experience more comfortable and overall better for the patients. Dr Cedillo is genuine, caring, and compassionate towards her patients. She explains things thoroughly and provides excellent care to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible. I have all my trust and confidence in this practice and have recommended them to my family and friends.

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Sergio Guerra

Always a Good experience when I go see the Dr. Good doctors and nurses always takes their time to listen to us. Never feel rushed.

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Coimbra Family Medical Center & MedSpa - McAllen, TX 78503 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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