10 Most Beautiful Emerald Cut Diamond Settings of All Time (2024)

The type of diamond shape you select for your diamond engagement ring speaks to your style, but it’s really the setting that says it all. Depending on the side stones you choose or choose to forgo, the color of the metal you settle on, and the direction you decide to set the center stone (yes there are multiple), your ring can look completely different from another ring with the exact same diamond.

Make sure to research the different ring setting styles and also radiant cut vs. emerald cut or emerald cut vs. princess cut engagement rings before finally deciding on emerald cut. Once you have decided that an emerald cut diamond is an ideal diamond for the center stone of your own engagement ring, you can explore all the unique and classic simulated emerald-cut diamond ring settings to find the one that’s right for you. Below, we share many of the emerald cut diamond settings available to you to help inspire your dream engagement ring. The question is, can you pick just one?

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What Is An Emerald Cut Diamond?

The emerald cut diamond, with its elongated rectangular shape and symmetrical facets, stands as a pinnacle of refined beauty. This sophisticated diamond cut, known for its sleek lines and timeless appeal, captures the essence of luxury and grace. The rectangular facets and straight sides contribute to the diamond’s unique charm, allowing it to shimmer in the light with a subtlety that speaks volumes.

Centuries-old but eternally chic, the emerald cut gained widespread acclaim during the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. The era’s fascination with clean lines and elegant aesthetics aligned seamlessly with the allure of the emerald cut, propelling it into the realm of timeless classics. Today, embraced by celebrities and coveted by discerning individuals, the emerald cut diamond continues to be a symbol of sophistication, seamlessly blending classic and contemporary elements for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Types of Emerald Cut Diamond Settings

An emerald diamond is unique in many ways, one of which is how well it complements a variety of settings. There truly is an emerald diamond ring setting fitting for every unique personality and preference. Here are a few of the most eye-catching iterations of emerald cut diamond settings that are particularly ideal for an engagement ring:

Solitaire Setting

When you have such a high-quality stone as any emerald cut diamond you choose should be, a solitaire setting is a no-brainer. An emerald cut diamond won’t go unnoticed when set all by itself on a solid band. For the truly minimalist bride or someone who would rather spend more on the center stone than a fancy setting, a solitaire setting is perfect. Plus, it carries on the subtle, refined nature of the stone.

Pave Setting

If you are looking for a bit more sparkle in your setting, The pave diamonds would work best for you. This style setting is still refined and understated but will catch more light than a simple metal band, and draw eyes to your ring. You may consider a pave wedding band instead or in addition to a pave diamond engagement ring band. It is a great complement to an emerald cut engagement ring with a solitaire setting.

Three Stone Setting

Another way to add just a hint of sparkle to your setting and make the emerald diamond pop is by setting the stone with diamonds on either side. Yes, more diamonds mean more money, but you can keep this setting affordable by opting for a cluster of three tiny stones on each side that form a triangle, rather than one big stone on each side. The choice is yours.

Baguette Stones

Baguette-shaped diamonds have become a popular choice to pair with an emerald cut diamond. Baguettes, similar to emeralds, also feature rectangular facets so it’s a natural combination. Consider tapered baguette stones that are wider where they meet the diamond than where they meet the band for a flattering and elegant style that’s supremely timeless.

East West Setting

One of the more modern ways to set an emerald cut diamond is by turning it on its side so that the length of the stone goes from East to West, rather than from North to South. While unique, this setting is still incredibly timeless and simple. Plus, because you are only altering the way in which the stone is set, the cost of this setting is comparable to a solitaire setting.

Halo Setting

If a luxe setting is what you’re after, there’s no better option than a halo or double halo setting. However, the more halos, the more expensive the setting. Emerald cut diamonds bounce less light than a round cut diamond or cushion cut diamond, which both have star-shaped facets, but when tiny diamonds border your emerald-cut center stone, it will boast all the brilliance and sparkle of its brilliant cut siblings.

Bezel Setting

A bezel is a type of setting where the metal completely surrounds the stone. With emerald cut diamonds, a bezel set emerald cut diamond ring is the perfect choice if you like a sleek geometricshape of the stone and sometimes make it appear even larger. Plus, these settings are known for their durability so your stone won’t go anywhere.

Statement Prongs

Emerald cut diamonds have corners that are more sensitive to damage, which is why they are typically protected by sturdy metal prongs. You can make the stone look even larger with white gold or platinum (a stronger metal) prongs, or make a stylish statement by selecting a prong setting in a bold yellow gold metal or unique vintage style.

Split Shank Band

Complement the emerald’s long rectangular shape by setting it in a split shank band that connects to the stone at both the top and bottom corners. This artful design creates space between the stone and the band that makes it stand out and flatters the wearer. For added charm and sparkle, set the split shank band with pave diamond stones.

Emerald Side Stones

Can’t get enough emeralds? We don’t blame you. For a truly elegant and most beautiful engagement rings, consider setting two smaller emerald cut diamond stones on either side of the center stone. The resulting look is breathtaking, but the resulting cost can be as well. Emerald cut diamonds are pricey, and three are exponentially more pricey than one.

Selecting A Diamond Ring Setting

The Metal
In addition to the way you set your stone and the stones you set it with, the color metal you choose can make all the difference. White gold is the most popular metal for emerald diamond rings, and it’s easy to see why. The color, or lack thereof, contributes to the bright whiteness of the diamond. It allows the stone to shine and show off incredible clarity and color. Keep in mind, that white gold and platinum settings will be unforgiving of emerald stones with a lower color grade than H, making their color more noticeable.

Emerald cut diamonds also look beautiful in yellow gold settings. Emerald stones set in yellow gold can instantly feel more vintage or regal. Rose gold is a unique choice for emerald cut diamonds simply because its whimsical and romantic nature doesn’t always suit the refined stone. However, that’s not to say it can’t be done. In fact, rose gold settings can soften the straight edges of emerald cut diamonds and add a flair of romance to the ring, especially when combined with pave diamond stones.

The Profile
The profile – high set vs low set ring, which is how high or low the stone is set, is also important to the overall look of an engagement ring. The height of the stone makes a difference in the ring’s overall appearance and durability. In a high setting, the stone is set up above the finger with long prongs, which set the stone apart from the rest of the ring, putting it on grand display. In a low setting, the stone is nestled close to the finger and often enclosed in a bezel or basket setting that secures it tightly.

High settings are better suited for larger stones and allow for more light to hit the stone, maximizing its brilliance. Since emerald cut diamonds give off less sparkle than other cuts, a high setting can increase the amount of light, and thus brilliance, it emits. Low settings, however, provide more security to the stone and make it less prone to damage. Low settings are ideal for smaller emerald stones in solitaire settings.

Emerald cut diamonds are suitable for either profile type, so it’s really up to you to decide which style makes sense for your preferences and lifestyle.

10 Most Beautiful Emerald Cut Diamond Settings of All Time (12)

The Best Setting for an Emerald Cut Diamond

An emerald cut diamond, with its unique rectangular shape and trimmed corners, exudes a timeless elegance that demands the perfect setting to enhance its inherent beauty. The best setting for an emerald cut diamond is one that not only showcases the stone’s brilliance but also aligns seamlessly with your personal style. While classic solitaire settings undeniably do justice to this diamond cut, the options for setting your emerald cut stone extend far beyond simplicity.

Consider taking inspiration from the iconic Jackie Kennedy, who adorned her finger with a captivating emerald cut diamond and emerald gemstone ring. This distinctive piece featured two remarkable stones of similar size, nestled within a substantial yellow-gold band. This bold and luxurious choice demonstrates that the best setting for an emerald cut diamond doesn’t have to be conventional; it can be a reflection of your unique taste and flair.

For those seeking a modern twist, explore the East-West set emerald cut diamond. This orientation places the elongated lines of the diamond horizontally across the finger, creating a contemporary and eye-catching look. To further elevate your engagement ring, consider flanking the East-West set emerald cut diamond with unique or vintage-inspired bands. These additions add character and individuality to your ring, making it a true representation of your style.

Remember, an engagement ring is a symbol of enduring love and commitment, and its design should stand the test of time. However, it should also be a reflection of your distinct personality. Don’t hesitate to embrace your preferences and set your dream emerald cut diamond in a way that resonates with your unique style. The best setting for your emerald cut diamond is the one that not only allows the stone to shine but also makes a statement about who you are and the love you share.

Explore our own collection of emerald cut engagement rings to find the right setting for you.


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10 Most Beautiful Emerald Cut Diamond Settings of All Time (2024)
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